Banchte Shekha

Name of the Grantee

banchteshekhaAddress of the Grantee

Shaheed Mashiur Rahman Road
Jessore-7400, Bangladesh.



What they will do under CLS Programme
      1. Formation of Ward Mediation Committee (WMC) at the union Level
      2. Capacity building of the Union Facilitators (UFs)
      3. Organise orientation sessions for the resolution of family disputes
      4. Make the Women and Child Welfare Standing Committee functional at the union level
      5. Organise and facilitate Mediation Sessions (Shalish) in the community level
      6. Conduct Courtyard Meeting at the village level to create awareness among the community members
      7. Refer the cases to District Legal Aid Committee (DLAC) if required
      8. Provide legal supportĀ  at the court level
      9. Formation of the cultural group and capacitate them
      10. Organise cultural events and produce educational materials to create awareness at the community level
      11. Establish networking with other like-minded NGOs, GOB elected bodies and civil society groups at the local level


CLS Working Area
District Upazila
Jessore Jhkikorgacha, Keshobpur and Abhoynagar
Gazipur Kapasia, Kaliakoir and Sreepur