Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST)

Name of the Grantee

blastAddress of the Grantee

YMCA Development Centre
(3rd-5th Floor)
1/1, Pioneer Road
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.


What they will do under CLS Programme
  1. Provide legal awareness to the people particularly marginalised and socially excluded communities through  IEC materials,  forming self-help groups, conducting homestead meetings and meetings with village traditional/customary leaders, forming  Naya Bichar forum , organising Odhikar or Ain Shohayota Melas (rights awareness fairs/camps), mobile campaigns, popular theatre, debates for students, and folk-songs
  2. Provide legal advice to marginalised and socially excluded communities through telephone, E-mail and in-person on available remedies, next steps, feasibility of bringing cases, selection of appropriate lawyers, etc.
  3. Provide community mediation services through existing district offices
  4. Provide legal support in the form of litigation (individual litigation and public interest litigation) to marginalised and socially excluded communities
  5. Refer justice seekers to partners for access to provision of basic services,  emergency medical support and shelter/safe custody
  6. Facilitation of partnerships, networking and alliances with key justice, governance and state & non-state actors to ensure, demand and access appropriate justice services for poor people, marginalised and socially excluded communities
  7. Launching local and national advocacy campaign trough social media, electronic media, TV & radio talk shows, occasional publications documentary etc. based on the findings from consultation, research studies, and media reports etc.
  8. Conduction of policy dialogue/advocacy with justice sector actors (parliamentarians, relevant govt. officials, judges, lawyers, public prosecutors, etc.)
  9. Formation of partnerships and strategic alliances with relevant actors on major advocacy issues relating to access to justice on marginalised and socially excluded communities;
  10. Conduct research to assess the impact of CLS activities on economic and social life of marginalised and socially excluded communities;
  11. Conduct research to explore the challenges to access to justice in formal and informal justice systems, particularly in the Arbitration Councils, Village Courts,  NGO-led ADR Services, Traditional Mediation (Shalish), Family Courts, Labour Courts, and Court-Annexed Mediation
  12. Examine discriminatory laws, policies, and practices, and arbitrary application of laws, particularly focusing on land, shelter and livelihood, security and social discrimination
  13. Arrange a community justice fellowship programme to support CLS research/advocacy
  14. Establish a Pro Bono Research Network of students, academics, journalists, and other professionals from local and international research institutions to work on community justice and public interest law
  15. Develop Paralegal programme for providing effective CLS service through partner organisations at community
  16. Paralegal Training for partner organisations’ staff on rights and remedies and available mechanisms including client interviews, mediation and use of arbitration councils and village courts and access to DLAC, as well as RTI applications and complaints to NHRC
CLS Working Area
District Upazila/Area
Dhaka City Corporation
Rajshahi Rajshahi City Corporation
Dinajpur Biral
Dinajpur Sadar
Naogaon Porsha
Faridpur Faridpur Sadar
Rangamati Rangamati Sadar