Litigation Services are provided when the matter in dispute cannot be mediated, or by its very nature, has to be filed in court. When mediation fails, generally the mediation unit will transfer the file to a litigation unit, panel lawyers if applicable or the case is referred to DLAC or other service providers. It may also happen that after the initial interview, by the very nature of the case, the parties may proceed to litigation. The criteria for legal aid for litigation support is – poor, disadvantaged, minority and vulnerable, women and children; however, at this moment, CLS partners are flexible about domestic violence, writ petitions, custody of children, gay-lesbian cases considering socio-legal perspective of the clients. In litigation, NGOs provide basic documents (kabinnama, land deed) to the panel lawyer and introduces the client to the lawyer. The client is expected to keep regular communication with the lawyer. In some cases CLS grantee pays transport and food costs for the client for the court day. Litigation support includes a range of different types of cases such as criminal cases arising out from FIR/Thana, murder, narishishu cases, family, domestic violence, land dispute, session court, cases in the labour court, abduction, dowry, pornography, trafficking etc.