Green Hill

Name of the Grantee

greenhealAddress of the Grantee

Green Hill
Indrani House, Champaknagar
Rangamati Hill Tracts-4500


What they will do under CLS Programme
  1. Organise Community Legal Support Group (CLGS) to resolve conflict
  2. Deployment of Para Karmi  (PK) and Union Supervisor (US) to facilitate CLGS
  3. Training and capacity building of CLGS, PK and US on legal and justice issues
  4. Training and capacity building of Headmen, Karbari and UP Members on legal and justice issues
  5. Provide legal support in the form of litigation (court cases)
  6. Documentation  of Traditional Community Leaders’ (Headman and Karbari) decision and develop mediation/arbitration guidelines for  them
  7. Partnership and strategic alliances with relevant state and non-state actors
  8. Advocacy to activate Government Legal Aid Committee at Upazila and Union level
CLS Working Area
District Upazila/Area
Rangamati Langdu
Bandarban Alikadam