Research Studies

Rangamati Hill District Council Act, 1989
Domestic Violence (Protection and Prevention) Act, 2010
Legal Aid Regulation, 2001
Legal Aid Service Act, 2000
National Legal Aid Policy, 2001
Right to Information Act, 2009
Supression or Repression against Women and Children Act 2000
Bandharban Hill District Council Act, 1989
Khagrachari Hill District Council Act, 1989
Dissolution of Muslim Marraige Act, 1939
Acid Control Act, 2002
Arbitration Act, 2001
The Suppression of Acid Crimes Act 2002
Village Court Act 2006
Convicted Women Jail Inmate Special Privilege Act, 2006
Bangladesh Environment Reservation Act, 1995
Child Marriage Restrain Act, 1929
Constitution of Bangladesh
Disability Welfare Act, 2001
Divorce Act, 1869
Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980
Environment Court Act, 2000
Evidence Act, 1872
Hindu Widow’s Re-marriage Act, 1856
Legal Aid Services Act, 2000 (Bangla)
Penal Code, 1860
Societies Registration Act, 1861
Schedule of Societies Registration Act, 1861
The Christian Marriage Act, 1972
The CHT Land Record of Right Ordinance, 1984
The Criminal Procedure Code, 1898
The Foreign Marriage Act, 1903
The Guardian and Wards Act, 1890
The Hindu Inheritance (Removal of Disabilities) Act, 1928
The Hindu Law of Inheritance (Amendment) Act, 1929
The Hindu Marriage Disabilities Removal Act, 1946
The Majority Act, 1875
The Marriage Women’s Property Act, 1874
The Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act, 1974
The Muslim Personal Law (Sariat) Application Act, 1937
The Probation of Offenders Ordinance, 1960
The Special Marriage Act, 1872
The Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006
The Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act, 2012
The Hindu Marriage Registration Act, 2012
The Pornography Control Act, 2012
Children Act, 2013
The Parents Maintenance Act, 2013
Persons with Disabilities Rights and Protection Act, 2013
Bread for the Poor: Access to Justice and the Rights of the Needy in IndiaMarc Galanter and Jayanth K. Krishnan
Legal Empowerment Strategies in BangladeshDaphne Keevil Harrold
Make Justice the Organizing Principle of the Rule of Law FieldStephen Golub
Alternate to Alternatives: Critical Review of the Claims of ADRJasmine Joseph
Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Rule of Law in International Development CooperationJames Michel
Lessons Learned: Experience with ADRWilliam E. Davis and Madeleine Crohn
Lawyers’ Resistance to Mediation: Evolution and AdaptationProf Archie Zariski
Access to Justice: The Role of Mediation Boards in SrilankaLakmali Cabral
Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Rural Women in BangladeshDebasish Kumar Kundu, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Mrinmoy Samadder
Combating Domestic Violence against WomenDr.N.Rajani, Karima Ferhana, Dr. G. Sandhya Rani
A baseline servey on Human Rights of BangladeshNational Human Rights Commission
Baseline Survey of Char Livelihood ProgrammeProf. Nick Mascie-Taylor, PhD
Empowerment Baseline Survey, 2011Nicola McIvor
Police Reform Programme-Public Attitude Follow up SurveyData Management Aid
Mapping and Institutional Survey of the CLS in BangladeshPMID
Revival and Consolidation of Formal Justice Institutions in Rural Bangladesh: A study of an MLAA InterventionDr. Mirza Hassan and Tariq Omar Ali
Examining the Effectiveness of Legal EmpowermentAkhila Kolisetty, The World Bank
Community Based Paralegalisim: Experiance of PhilippinesJennifer Franco, Hector Soliman, and Maria Roda Cisnero
Violence against Women and Girls Online Appendix
Violence against Women and Girls Lessons from South AsiaJennifer L. Solotaro and Rohini Prabha Pande
Communities empowered by peer educators and paralegalsJacinta Maloney and St Kilda Legal Service
Community Mediation and Social Harmony in SrilankaCraig Valters
Women`s Experiences of Local Justice: community mediation in Sri LankaRamani Jayasundere and Craig Valters
New Paths to Justice: A tale of social justice lawyering in BangladeshCynthia Farid