Sabalamby Unnayan Samity (SUS)

Name of the Grantee

susAddress of the Grantee

Sabalamby Unnayan Samity (SUS)
Shibgonj Road, Netrakona, Bangladesh.



What they will do under CLS Programme
  1. Provide legal aid services to the poor and marginalised communities
  2. Provide quality Community Mediation Services (Shalish)
  3. Engage the Union Parishad Chairmen and members in the CLS activities
  4. Sensitise Local Elected Bodies (LEC) on gender relation
  5. Activate/Mobilise the community forums for arbitration
  6. Improve the delivery of government legal aid services
  7. Activate government legal aid fund
  8. Provide training for community paralegals
  9. Mobilize communities through legal and human rights awareness
  10. Organize seminars with different service providers for promoting CLS
  11. Provide support in developing CBOs and capacity building of the project staff
  12. Initiate policy advocacy for pro-poor and gender friendly changes in policies and practices
  13. Review laws and policies affecting the target groups and action-oriented research for strengthening existing practices of CLS
  14. Protest and prevent incidents of Human Rights Violation (HRV)
CLS Working Area
District Upazila
Netrakona Madan, Mohonganj, Kalmakanda and Durgapr
Mymensingh Dhobauara, Haluaghat, Fulpur and Tarakanda